Mario Maker 2 Switch

Super Mario Maker 2, set for release on June 28, brings four-player multiplayer versus play, two-player cooperative level building, online multiplayer, and a story mode to the Nintendo Switch. That’s right, in co-op mode, you’ll be able to build and design levels with another player on the same console, while online multiplayer lets a group build massive levels that are seemingly impossible to complete. There’s also several new themes including desert, winter, and forest. Read more to see all of the gameplay revealed during Nintendo Direct yesterday and for additional information.

“Level-creation mode is more robust the second time around, too. First of all, the editing suite includes the style of Super Mario 3D World, enabling clear pipes, warp boxes, crates and, finally, Cat Mario. Players will be able to set the trajectory of objects like snake blocks, Banzai Bill, Piranha Creepers, Track Blocks and even auto-scrolling levels. The sequel includes new vertical sub-areas, an on/off switch, slope creation, big coins, mushroom trampolines, the Koopa Troopa Car, twisters, parachutes and a new moon mode,” reports Engadget.