Supersonic Baseball 1074MPH Mayonnaise Smarter Every day
Destin Sandlin of Smarter Every Day is no stranger to supersonic baseballs, but his latest stunt has him firing one at a gallon of extra heavy mayonnaise. This experiment involved the baseball cannon that was built for a previous stunt, which consists a giant pressure chamber and vacuum chamber fused together, with a plug as well as a ball separating the two. Read more to see the destruction that ensues in super slow motion.

The baseball cannon’s firing mechanism spans the entire length of the pressure chamber, and exits out back where it’s held in with a large pneumatic sear mechanism. When the latter is released, it starts the reaction between the two chambers, sending high-pressure nitrogen into the vacuum chamber, forcing the ball forward at supersonic speeds. Let’s just say that the gallon of mayonnaise is completely unrecognizable after being hit by the baseball.

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