Tesla Bug Donuts
It’s not easy to do donuts in any Tesla, thanks to its traction control, stability control, regenerative braking and automatic emergency braking systems, but there is a bug that lets you turn off all these restrictions. Simply put, there’s a special menu that allows one to change the wheels / tires, once you find it, simply reset the sensors, place it into drive, and you’ll be ready for donuts. Read more for a video showing how (instructions at 11:31) and additional information.

What can you do exactly with all restrictions off? All-wheel-drive donuts in a parking lot of course, or even off-road or in snow if you have the right tires. Since the safety systems are disabled, drivers can’t activate the launch control system, but flooring it, you’ll still be able to achieve a 0-60 mph time of around 2.6-seconds, despite a little wheel spin.


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