Tesla Model 3 Hack
There are many ways to unlock a Tesla Model 3, with one of them being a key card. One owner decided to implant the RFID chip from that card directly into her arm, so she’ll never be locked out should the keyfob or app be inaccessible. Since she already has one RFID chip implanted in her hand, her initial plan was to simply transfer the key card information over, but Tesla’s security measures prevented that. Read more for a video and additional information.

To bypass the security measures, she had to dissolve a key card paired with her Model 3 and remove its RFID chip. Next, the chip was repackaged into a smaller form factor and encapsulated it inside a bio-polymer for safe implantation into her arm. A body modification expert who goes by “Pineapple” was then contacted to safely implant the chip into her right arm.


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