TRUCKLA Tesla Pickup Model 3

Inventor and YouTube sensation Simone Giertz was tired of waiting for Tesla’s official all-electric pickup truck, so she bought a new Model 3 and went to work. To kick off the project, they hacked off the back of the Tesla 3 by first removing the back passenger seats and replacing the with a truck bed. “The truck itself is going to be great, but the process is going to be scrappy AF,” said Giertz. Read more for a 30-minute making of video and additional information.

“In the video, Giertz challenges Tesla founder Elon Musk to make the Tesla pickup truck, a long-awaited fantasy item of many Tesla devotees. Coincidentally, Musk announced plans for the Tesla pickup truck at the company’s shareholders meeting. The inventor said the vehicle would have a ‘cyberpunk design’ and look like it hailed from a ‘sci-fi’ movie,” according to Engadget.

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