Western University Two-Way International Holographic Teleportation
A group of students from Western University have achieved two-way international holographic teleportation for the first time, but this isn’t some new technology from a science fiction film. Holographic teleportation basically refers to combination of hologram and teleport: when a hologram of a person or object is transmitted instantaneously to another location.

What exactly happened? The team used Microsoft HoloLens and software from Aexa Aerospace to transport one person from Alabama to London, Ontario, before each of them were able to instantly holoport themselves in holographic form down to Huntsville, Alabama. The technology itself involves a special camera that creates a holographic image of a subject, which is then sent to the destination of choice. The user on the other end is wearing a HoloLens headset, which enables them to see the subject within their environment. If both are wearing a headsets, they are able to interact in their environments as if they are actually there. Just for the record, this has nothing to do with the quantum teleportation record that NASA scientists achieved recently.

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It’s like the best of both worlds between medicine and engineering. The applications I’m particularly looking at is facilitating physical exams that a doctor would normally conduct in an examination room,” said Adam Levschuk, medical student and project intern.