ZEVA Aero UFO eVTOL Aircraft Test Flight
ZEVA has successfully completed the first test flight of their zero-emission electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) aircraft in rural Pierce County, Washington on Sunday, January 9th. This UFO-inspired creation flew untethered and utilized its eight zero-emission electric motor-driven propellers. The production model aims to achieve a top speed of 160 mph and have a range up to 50-miles.

Unfortunately, this won’t be used as an air taxi anytime soon, as there is only room for one person who gets a face-down view while in flight. Fortunately, this test flight was completed without someone inside the aircraft. Pre-orders are expected to begin this spring, requiring a $5,000 USD deposit to secure one, and the first production units will set you back a hefty $250,000 USD.

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ZEVA Aero UFO eVTOL Aircraft Test Flight

This is a huge inflection point for ZEVA as we join an exclusive set of proven flying eVTOL platforms, and a testament to the relentless hard work and ingenuity of our entire team over the past two and half years. We are dissecting our learning from our critical first taxiing flight, which is a direct result of the support we’ve received from our investors and community, leading us to bring in additional talent to spearhead this historic moment. We are eager to continue to our next stage of hover flight testing on our road to certification and eventual autonomous flight allowing anyone, not just pilots, to access zero-emission point-to-point travel,” said Stephen Tibbitts, CEO and Chairman of ZEVA.

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