De Billas Luxury 24K Gold iPhone 11 Pro
If the normal iPhone 11 Pro isn’t flashy enough, De Billas Luxury is offering a customized version that their team has professionally gold plated. The handset itself is purchased directly from Apple so you’ll be getting the real deal and not a used or refurbished device. It’s offered in 64GB ($1,999), 256GB ($2,299) and 512GB ($2,399) storage sizes. Read more to see what kind of box / chest Unbox Therapy’s came in.

Each handset has been customized and then electroplated with real 24K gold. As you can see in the unboxing video, the charger as well as the wall plug can also be gold plated for free upon request. While regular customers will not get the chest, each one of these iPhone 11 Pros will come in a package that has been resealed as if it was purchased directly from an Apple Store.

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