DOOM Port Panic Playdate
Some may have heard about the Playdate by Panic, a portable game console that was first introduced last May, but there hasn’t really been anything new until now. Just to recap, it boasts a black-and-white 1-bit screen, four-way directional pad, two game buttons, and a mechanical crank on the side. Nic Magnier, a game developer, managed to port the classic id Software game DOOM, to the console, complete with a hand cranked chaingun. Read more for a video and additional information.

Despite how well the game runs, it did not take Magnier very long at all to port the game, just 15-hours and 1-week using the embedded devices fork of Chocolate Doom. The Playdate’s Sharp Memory LCD has individual pixels that can remember its state (black/white) without needing to be refreshed, resulting in faster refreshing and lower power usage. It also is capable of being viewed in any light, from edge-of-vision darkness to brightest sunlight, while offering a wide 170° viewing angle.

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