FD 0ne Flying Vehicle Ferrari F1
Ever wonder what a flying car inspired by classic F1 cars would look like? If so, Lazzarini Design Studio has just the vehicle for you. Called the FD 0ne, this tri-copter of sorts combines modern drone technology with the classic lines of a Ferrari Formula One car from the 1950s. It’s powered by six electric engines – four up front and two in the rear – connected by a belt system to a V12 petrol engine. Read more for a video and additional information.

Thanks to its hybrid powerplant, the vehicle can fly either by using power directly from the V12 engine and / or from the batteries. The body itself is handcrafted from carbon fiber, can comfortably seat two passengers and there’s even three battery packs located in the underside. It has a top speed of 310 mph in the skies and should be able to travel for three hours on a full charge.