Google Japan Teacup Gboard Yunomi Computer Keyboard
The Grand Kitano Tea Ceremony first took place on November 1, 1587, and Google Japan wanted to celebrate the event. So, they released plans for Gboard Yunomi, which is basically a teacup-shaped computer keyboard that is resistant to spills. This keyboard / cup mashup can be built at home, but it does require two different PCBs, twelve strips for the keys and a round/diagonal PCB for the base, along with some soldering skills. Read more for a video and additional information.

The base itself packs an ATmega32U4-AU microcontroller, while the twelve strips are wired together and connected to the plate at the bottom of the keyboard. Fortunately, Google provides the necessary Standard Triangle Language (STL) file for 3D printing a contraption that capable of holding all of the strip PCBs in place while connecting the bottom plate if necessary. Lastly, you’ll need to solder the switches in place. Github page here.

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Google Japan Teacup Gboard Computer Keyboard

We need two types of PCBs to build this project. Solder diodes D1 to D5 onto the twelve Key-PCBs at the silk-screened locations. For six of the PCBs, we can solder diodes as indicated by the silk-screen. For the other six PCBs, we need to solder the diodes in the opposite direction. Solder key-switches to each Key-PCB. Note that the diodes need to be placed on the opposite side of the Key-PCB to the key-switches, as shown by the silk-screen,” said Google.

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