HKS A90 Toyota Supra
Photo credit: Quickstyle Motorsports
HKS Japan is known for their tuning lineage, whether it be their time attack track beasts, like the TRB-01 and TRB-02, or crazy one-off racecars as well as street monsters. So, when they got their hands on Toyota’s all-new A90 Supra, they couldn’t let the chance for yet another one-off tune go to waste. The end result? An ultra widebody Supra that turns heads both on the street and track. Read more for a video and additional information.

Since this is a concept vehicle, all the parts you see have been custom-built from scratch, including the massive rear wing. Other upgrades includ Hipermax MAX IV SP / Touring-Height Adjustable Spring-DB42 coilovers, an OPF-less dual muffler and an HKS Super Air Filter. Unfortunately, you probably won’t be seeing any of these parts offered to the public in the near future, but they do have some more subtle upgrades available now for the A90.

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