Leaked Samsung Galaxy S11 Pictures
Photo credit: onleaks | Cashkaro via Gizmodo
Finally, we get a better look at the Samsung Galaxy S11’s rear camera array, courtesy of OnLeaks, who is normally spot on in his predictions, ad this time, the handset boasts four lenses rather than five. There appears to be a 5x optical zoom camera sensor, a 3D time-of-flight camera, a wide angle, and last, but possibly not least, an ultra-wide angle lens. Read more for additional information.

The Samsung Galaxy S11+ will allegedly have four cameras with the flash lined up in two columns. As for the other specs, the S11 should have a 6.4 inch display, while the larger S11+, a 6.9-inch screen, making the former the same size as a Galaxy S10+. The official unveiling is expected some time in February or early March.