Microsoft Xbox Series X S Windows 98 Half-Life
Digital Foundry realized that you can run Windows 98 through the RetroArch emulator and DOSBox Pure on the Xbox Series X | S. However, there are some restrictions, such as not being able to use a computer mouse and having to deal with the standard Xbox controller while navigating the operating system. Plus, DOSBox Pure utilizes the CPUs rather than the GPUs, thus preventing you from running graphics intensive classic games.

Just seeing Microsoft Windows 98 boot up on the latest Xbox console might be all the nostalgia that some may need, while others can load up Half-Life, Quake, Turok, etc. to experience classic gaming at its finest. Loading those games does require you to create ISO files and transfer them since the Xbox disc drive cannot read the original game discs. Whatever you choose to do with this will most certainly bring back some memories, good or bad. This evolution of Microsoft Windows video really shows how far we’ve come since 1986.

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