Nintendo Entertainment System Famicom Adapter
Photo credit: Mike Diver
Before the top-loading Nintendo Entertainment System (NES-101) was released in 1993, there was the ‘Famicom Adapter’. This game console was designed to play the Japanese Famicom game cartridges, but in top-loading format. Since the Super Famicom (Super Nintendo in the US) was released on November 21, 1990, the ‘Famicom Adapter’ even predated that.

Nintendo Entertainment System Famicom Adapter
Not just a standard game console, the ‘Famicom Adapter’ appears to have an expansion port of sorts that allowed users to connect it to the Super Famicom, possibly in the same way that the 32X paired with the SEGA Genesis. If seeing this piqued your interest for a top-loading NES, used consoles are currently going for a minimum of $100 USD in working condition on eBay. Since a prototype of this console does exist somewhere, it’s definitely just as rare as Ocean Software’s unreleased SNES Green Lantern game.

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