PlayStation 5 Console Dwarven Kingdom
Photo credit: Nerd Forge
A glass PS2 is nice, but this PlayStation 5 console turned mystical Dwarven Kingdom by Martina and Hansi of Nerd Forge is much more interesting. It all started with a giant piece of wood that is both easy to carve as well as dense, making it easy to add multiple layers.

After countless hours of carving, cutting and gluing, the PS5 console started coming together. Adding the finer details required covering up the holes first with spacers before using a FLUX CO2 laser cutter to fabricate the beams, etc. Yes, the console itself had to be painted matte black to complete the look, while all the small little characters you see were hand finished with a brush.

PlayStation PS5 Console – God of War Ragnarök Bundle
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PlayStation PS5 Console – God of War Ragnarök Bundle
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PlayStation 5 Console Dwarven Kingdom

This is the first time we’ve ever tried creating lava! It was a lot of fun experimenting with making silicone molds for that giant lava fall in the center there, and making a resin cast of it. Feels like a new skill unlocked!,” said Nerd Forge.


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