Samsung Galaxy S20 Tactical Edition TE
The Samsung Galaxy S20 Tactical Edition (TE) has just been unveiled, and it’s a mission-ready smartphone solution designed for operators in the federal government and Department of Defense (DoD). It comes loaded with a highly customized software and feature set that enables it to operate seamlessly with a range of existing peripherals and supports the requirements of tactical and classified applications. Read more for another picture and additional information.

Samsung Galaxy S20 Tactical Edition TE
Plus, it boasts DualDAR architecture, which delivers two layers of data encryption based on the NSA standards to secure up to top-secret level data for highly classified missions. The coolest feature has to be night-vision mode, which lets operators turn the display on or off when wearing night vision eyewear, and stealth mode allows them to disable LTE and mute all RF broadcasting for complete off-grid communications. The handset is built on Samsung Knox, the defense-grade mobile security platform that secures the device from hardware through multiple software layers.

Samsung Galaxy S20 5G Factory Unlocked New Android Cell Phone US Version, 128GB of Storage, Fingerprint ID and Facial Recognition, Long-Lasting Battery, Cosmic Gray
  • Power of 5G: Get next-level power for everything you love to do with Samsung Galaxy 5G; Share more, game harder, experience more and never miss a beat
  • Single Take AI: Capture video and multiple types of images with one tap of the shutter button; Lenses, effects and filters capture the best of every moment, every time
  • Hires Camera Zoom: Capture hires images as if you’re 3 feet away, from 100 feet away; Whether you want to zoom in close from afar or magnify details nearby, the new 30x Space Zoom gives you impressive power and clarity
  • Bright Night Mode: Capture crisp images and vibrant video in Bright Night mode and create high-quality content in low light – no flash needed
  • Super Fast Charging: Charge up quicker with Super Fast Charge so you can keep moving with more juice; Give your buds – or Galaxy buds – a boost of power with Wireless PowerShare right from Galaxy S20 5G

The development of this solution is a result of coordination and feedback received from our Department of Defense customers and partners. The Galaxy S20 Tactical Edition provides the warfighter with the technology that will give them an edge in the field, while providing their IT teams with an easy-to-deploy, highly secure solution that meets the demands of their regulated environment,” said Taher Behbehani, Head of the Mobile B2B Division, SVP and General Manager, Samsung Electronics America.