DRU Pizza Delivery Robot

We have seen the future of pizza delivery, and it includes robots. Called “DRU” (Domino’s Robotic Unit), this three-foot tall, 450-pound robot is fully autonomous and can hit a top speed of 12.4 mph from the store to any location within a 20-kilometer radius. It consists of a battery-powered heated compartment that can keep up to 10 pizzas warm and a chilled compartment for cold drinks, all encased in a water-tight, weather-proof acrylic plastic exterior. LIDAR laser-light sensors located within the unit will help the robot detect obstacles on his route, and to prevent thefts, customers can only access their pizzas by entering a unique code into the pizza compartment. Continue reading for five more strange inventions that people came up with over the years.

Pilot Smart Earpiece Translator

Developed by New York-based Waverly Labs, the Pilot is essentially a three-part system: two small Bluetooth earbuds and a smartphone app for the actual translation. How does it work? Simply talk to the other person as you normally would – each in your own language – and the app instantly translates the dialogue before sending the translated speech to the earpiece. The prototype supports a number of European languages (English, Spanish, French, Italian). Other languages, like Hindi, Semitic, East Asian, Arabic, Slavic, and African will be included in later versions. Continue reading for five more weird gadgets that actually exist.

Real Lightsaber Burning

“The Hacksmith” has created a real-life lightsaber, or protosaber to be exact, but for those wondering why it doesn’t use a laser, it’s because the laser emitter would be the size of the room in order to get any actual cutting power. Containing plasma, like a plasma cutter, could be possible, but still difficult to make into lightsaber form. “Our design is the closest to a functional lightsaber, as it will be able to cut things, it looks like it, and it sounds like it. Remember, how a ‘lightsaber works’ is a work of fiction, invented by an author, not an engineer. The physics of how it’s ‘supposed to work’ just don’t,” said its creator. Continue reading for more real Star Wars lightsabers made by fans.

Jupiter Juno Great Red Spot

This stunning image of Jupiter’s iconic Great Red Spot was pieced together using data from NASA’s Juno spacecraft. The true-color image offers a natural color rendition of what the Great Red Spot and what its surrounding areas would look like to human eyes from Juno’ position. The turbulent atmospheric zones in and around the Great Red Spot are clearly visible. It was captured on July 10, 2017 at 7:10pm PDT , as the Juno spacecraft performed its seventh close flyby of Jupiter. Continue reading for more incredible Jupiter photos captured by Juno.

Lucid Dreamer

Lucid Dreamer is essentially a device programmed to detect REM sleep, or the time when dreams become more vivid, and emit low electrical impulses to help you realize that you’re dreaming, which then enable you to take control of your dreams. After having their brain stimulated two times per night, for seven nights, approximately three out of five participants became lucid the first night, one participant became lucid on the second night and one participant on the third. The number of nights with at least one lucid dream varied between participants – the maximum was five nights out of seven, and the minimum was two nights out of seven. Continue reading for more crazy products you won’t believe are real.

Smart Fork

Japan-based Nissin has created a smart fork designed to cancel out noodle-slurping noises, called the “Otohiko fork”. It uses a highly sensitive microphone to picks up on the slightest slurping noise, and as soon as they’re detected, it’s forwarded to an application on your smartphone that triggers a slurp neutralizing sound. The sounds, which can range from a wooshing sound or a musical instrument, like the xylophone, makes the noodle-slurping noises inaudible to other people. Continue reading for five more bizarre, yet real, gadgets.

Custom Portable N64

Sure, there’s third-party consoles, like the Hyperkin SupaBoy S, but for a truly portable N64, you’ll have to build it yourself, like these modders. First up, we have the JN64p, which was created by “Downing Basement”. “So this is a more basic system which does not include a breakout box which means this will be a strictly portable, single player system. It will include an expansion pak and built in memory card, but will be a much easier build on the whole not having to worry about the those additional features. All the rough 3D printed parts are done, so the case work can begin as soon as I have a few free minutes,” said its creator. Continue reading for more.

Apollo 20 Mission

According to official government records, the last time man ever set foot on the Moon was back in December 1972, when Apollo 17 astronauts Eugene Cernan and Harrison Schmitt spent three days on the lunar surface. What most don’t know is that more Apollo missions were originally planned - Apollo 18, 19 and 20 – all of which were already in the construction and / or in the latter planning stages when they were cancelled in 1972 supposedly due to declining public interest and budget cuts. That was seemingly the case until 2007, when astronaut William Rutledge posted a video to YouTube claiming it to be from the secret Apollo 20 mission. Rutledge claimed Apollo 20’s goal was to explore the polar region of the Moon, on its dark side, and in particular a miles-long crashed spacecraft. Continue reading for five more moon mysteries that will make you wonder.

Lamborghini Ferruccio

You’ve seen the Ferrari concepts, now check out these futuristic supercars. The Lamborghini Ferruccio, designed by industrial designer Mark Hostler, blends the shapes and design details of various Lamborghini supercars from different eras, into one. Design aspects include: the low windshield and read end design of the original Countach, the softer and more rounded front fenders of the Miura and the fighter jet lines of the Reventon. It draws power from a beefy twin-turbocharged 5.0-liter V12 engine. Continue reading for more insane Lamborghini concepts from the future.

Secret Mars Mission

Some believe that NASA had a secret space program, codenamed “Project Redsun,” back in the late 1960s to early 1970s, that involved actually manned missions to Mars. Thanks to computer graphics, just about anything is possible these days, but conspiracy theorists believe that the current Curiosity Rover is a giant hoax, as its shiny solar panels are evidence that they are being polished by humans already on Mars. Continue reading for five more Red Planet mysteries.