Tesla Model S Blow Up Explosion Battery
Tuomas Katainen from Finland decided to strap 66-pounds of dynamite onto his 2013 Tesla S Model after discovering that it would cost him $22,000 USD to replace the vehicle’s battery. Currently, Tesla will replace the battery under warranty if capacity drops below 70% before hitting 150,000 miles or within 8-years of purchase. Unfortunately, older models, like Katanien’s, are left with pricey replacements.

For those wondering, that is not Elon Musk dummy inside the motor, just a dummy with a printed face resembling the billionaire. With that said, the explosion took place in Finland, far away from the city and recorded by several high-speed cameras. Let’s just say that not much was left of the Tesla after the explosion.

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When I bought that Tesla, the first 1,500 km were nice, it was an excellent car so far. The error code hit in, so I ordered a tow truck to take my car in a service. The car was about a month in a Tesla dealer’s workshop and finally I got a call that they can’t do anything for my car, the only option is to change the whole battery cell,” said Katainen.

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