Tesla Model 3 Snow Tracks
Sure, there have been auto enthusiasts who’ve created their own Cybertrucks, but this just might be the strangest Tesla Model 3 mod we’ve seen yet. Thanks to Mullin Manufacturing, YouTuber Michael of “lowlifeduramax” was able to equip the rear axle of his Tesla Model 3 Standard Range Plus with snow tracks, thus turning it into an electric snowmobile of sorts. Read more to see the fun that ensued.

After removing the rear wheels, snow tracks were mounted to the rear-wheel-drive Tesla before going for a test run on the snowmobile trail in British Columbia. The first test run goes smoothly, and it even manages to drive up steep hills without issue, which previously would have been impossible for the 4,000-pound vehicle without snow tracks.

You’ve seen a Tesla do a burnout, but have you seen a Tesla with snow tracks? I always wanted an electric snowmobile,” said Michael.