Tiger Electronics Handheld Game Boy Advance
If you grew up in the 1980s or early 1990s, Tiger Electronics handheld gaming systems were probably something you longed for. Each one of these contained a fixed image printed onto the handheld that can be seen through the screen. Static images then light up individually in front of the background that represented characters and objects. What would happen if you combined one of these with the power of a Game Boy Advance? Read more to find out.

Gamer Chris Downing of Downing’s Basement wanted to pay tribute to one of his childhood favorites and thus the Tiger Boy Advance was born. Put simply, he first 3D printed a case that resembles an old Tiger Electronics handheld gaming system before installing the Game Boy Advance hardware inside. However, there are some personal touches, like a custom faceplate and then 3D-printed buttons that replicate the ones found on Tiger’s handhelds.

Tiger Electronics Marvel Spider-Man Electronic LCD Video Game, Retro-Inspired 1-Player Handheld Game, Ages 8 and Up
  • RETRO INSPIRED VIDEO GAME ACTION: Blast back to the 1990s with this retro-inspired Tiger Electronics Spider-Man handheld video game. For ages 8 and up
  • NOD TO NOSTALGIA: Did you play handheld video games as a child? Introduce your own kids to this electronic LCD video game inspired by the Marvel Spider-Man vintage game from the 1990s
  • ICONIC MARVEL SPIDER-MAN CHARACTERS: Kids can climb and fight their way through the building as Spider-Man as they aim to defeat the Hobgoblin and his evil henchmen
  • COMPLETE 5 STAGES: The video game features 5 stages of play and 99 floors of web-swinging action. Score points for each defeated enemy or rescued hostage. Lose points for multiple hits from the enemy
  • HANDHELD GAME: This electronic LCD video game makes a great gift for Spider-Man fans, and for those who grew up playing 1-player handheld games. Designed for kids 8 and up, it’s also fun for teens and adults

In 1988, I wasn’t much more than 6 years old but I had already had enough experience with Nintendo that by the time 1990 rolled around, the #Nintendo Gameboy was Number 1 on my Wishlist and the hot ticket item for anyone who wanted gaming on the go. However, like any ‘new’ technology, the price was way too much for an average 8 year old to come up with, which resulted in having to find an affordable alternative. And what was right there, seemingly flooding the market? The barely qualifying as a video game, Tiger Electronics handhelds,” said its creator.

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