Unreleased Konami Castlevania Resurrection SEGA Dreamcast
Konami abruptly canceled Castlevania: Resurrection for the SEGA Dreamcast in March 2000, and if released, it would have been the seventeenth title of the series as well as third title to enter the 3D realm. The storyline, set in 1666, followed Sonia Belmont and a new character, Victor Belmont, an 1800s vampire hunter who had abandoned his lineage. It starts directly before Simon Belmont’s adventure in the original Castlevania. Read more to see a prototype build shown to executives behind closed doors at trade shows.

Apparently, this early beta build is a pre-E3 demo from November 5, 1999. You can see KCEA (Konami Computer Entertainment America) on the disc label, with the build itself featuring 5 fully playable stages, complete with enemies and hazards. When you load the disc, the Dreamcast, SEGA and Konami cards are shown before the title screen appears for a brief second. It then jumps directly into one of the stages, all of which can be chosen from the menu at any time.

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