Honda Motocompo Motocompacto Electric Scooter
Photo credit: AB12, CC BY-SA 3.0
For those who don’t know, the Honda Motocompo is basically a folding scooter offered by Honda between 1981–1983 in Shetland White, Daisy Yellow and Caribbean Red variants. It was touted as a “trunk bike,” as its handlebars, seat, and foot-pegs fold into the scooter’s rectangular plastic body. What you ended up with was a box-shaped package measuring 46.7 in × 9.4 in × 21.3 in, making it is the smallest scooter ever built by Honda. Good news, as Honda recently trademarked “Motocompacto,” and described as a compact electric scooter. Read more for two videos and additional information.

Even though the original Motocompo was discontinued in 1983, Honda has revisited the idea since with several concept vehicles such as the 2001 e-Dax / e-NSR, 2011 Motor Compo electric scooter, and now, the Motocompacto. However, the Motocompo still maintains a cult status among compact bike enthusiasts for its unique design, stylized logo, and highly customizable potential. There are even meetups devoted to the Motocompo as several online communities that share their passion for this bike, and possibly its upcoming successor.

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