Mattel Hot Wheels Tesla Cybertruck
Mattel has just unveiled a limited edition 1:10 scale, remote-controlled Tesla Cybertruck that comes complete with working headlights / taillights, all-wheel drive with two modes, and a removable plastic body for easy access to all the internals (battery, drivetrain, etc.). Yes, your eyes aren’t playing tricks, it also comes bundled with a reusable cracked window vinyl sticker so you can relive Elon Musk’s presentation right from home. Read more for a hands-on look video and additional information.

The 1:10 scale version boasts a 9.9V, 3,300mAh, rechargeable battery and can be pre-ordered for $400, with an expected ship date of December 15, 2020. Mattel will also be releasing a tiny $20 1:64 scale version that fits right onto existing Hot Wheels tracks, and is radio-controlled. It features two-wheel drive with a Chill mode as well as a Sport mode, and can be recharged directly from its controller.

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