Mini P5 PlayStation 5 Knockoff Fake Video Game Console
Video game console knockoffs are nothing new, but recently, we haven’t seen many being reviewed, that is until the Mini P5 popped up. This $15 PlayStation 5 knockoff is nothing like its real-life counterpart, starting with its miniature size to its PS1-inspired controllers. Aside from that, the console comes with an RGB cable instead of an HDMI and it’s shipped in a generic white box without any branding. Read more for a hands-on look and additional information.

Just how small is it? Well, the PlayStation 5 measures 39cm x 26cm, so approximately half that size. However, the biggest drawback to this console are its built-in games, all 1280 to be exact. These aren’t even 16-bit SNES games, but rather 8-bit NES titles, with many of them being duplicates or knockoffs. Can’t finish Super Contra 7? You’ll have to start from the beginning if you turn off the console, as there are no save states.

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