PS2 DVD Exploit
Photo credit: Kotaku
A security software engineer who goes by CTurt has discovered an exploit for the PS2’s DVD player that enables users to play unofficial games. To be more specific, this exploits the console’s DVD player functionality by triggering a corruption in video playback, which then allows you to run a game through the hole in the system’s copy protection. Read more for three videos and additional information.

Anyone who has tried modifying a PlayStation 2 probably did so with a modchip or something similar, but this exploit doesn’t require any additional hardware. Simply insert the disc and boot up the homebrew game. Yes, you can even go as far as loading emulators, like ones for the SNES, and play Super Mario World. More information here.

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As a final thought, there’s really no reason this general attack scenario is specific to the PlayStation 2 as all generations support some combination of burned media: from the PlayStation 1’s CD support, to the PlayStation 3 and 4’s Blu-ray support, with the PlayStation 4 having only removed CD support,” said CTurt.

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