Television: Eye of Tomorrow Film 1947 Smartphone
Around 73-years ago, J. K. Raymond-Millet’s film Télévision: Oeil de Demain (“Television: Eye of Tomorrow”) may have been far ahead of its time. What started out as a simple educational science fiction film, turned out to be an eerily accurate depiction of how we use smartphones today. A four-minute excerpt recently surfaced and shows Parisians enjoying everyday life, but with a miniature TV in hand.

Whether it be at a cafe or on the train, people seem to be impervious of what’s going on around them due to their mobile addiction. The full-length film not only shows these miniature-television devices in public places, but professional meetings conducted with picture-phones, TV-equipped cars, and shops promoting their goods on television.

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On a related note, did you know that the Sony Watchman portable television wasn’t released until 1982? That’s right, the FD-210 boasted a black & white five centimeter display and cost a whopping $1,366.73 USD with inflation.


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